"How can I compose a week of music* in less than one hour?"

*that people actually want to hear

I asked myself this question when I set about composing music for an interactive installation.  My goal was to design a musical foundation that invited people to collaborate and that never repeated over the many days of the installation, yet maintained a distinct voice.  

A generative approach was extremely powerful because it allowed me to operate on a meta-level, defining the rhythms and harmonies generally, rather than specifically.  This meant that I was always working on designing musical character, systems that would spawn music of a particular feeling, rather than writing specific music that would r a character. 

My workflow was to choose an instrumentation palette and start adding instruments in one at a time, dialing in the qualities I wanted them to have.  I tried a few different tools and plugins to enable operation at this generative level and ended up primarily using Patter by Adam Florin.